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Welcoming a New Heavy Haul Rig to The Equipment Transport Fleet

Growth is scary, growth is a risk, and growth is exciting!

As a premier provider of Equipment Transport Services in Nevada, California, and Arizona Flat Out Services is proud to unveil its newest addition to its Heavy Haul Fleet!

The truck started off as kind of a "barn find" while searching for trucks in a very challenging "post pandemic" market...We came across an older modeled truck BUT with only 48,000 original miles. If you're a fleet owner of almost any kind I'm sure you can agree that this truly is a diamond in the rough, the only catch..... The truck definitely needed some sprucing up.

Meet, Unit 12. A Peterbilt 388 with all the heavy spec features you would want...

on the face of things, you may look at this truck and think it looks great, almost in brand new condition. However, we want to offer you not only an amazing West Coast Heavy Haul Service but we want to do so in style. So, we team up with our long time truck builder So Cal Custom Trucks with a laundry list of modifications to bring this beautiful truck up to a show stopper.

Function comes first, so we immediately replaced the original tires (with 2011 date code) with 10 fresh tires, we then did a complete preventative maintenance with Shell Rotella, and a fresh set of filters. Finally, we added a set of frame ramps so we are able to pick up our Removable Gooseneck Trailers off of the ground once loaded for Southern California Equipment Transport

Here is a sneak peek of Bill, from So Cal Custom trucks shaving all the "old" Features off of the roof.

Next! The exciting part...we replaced that terrible bumper with a 20" bumper, shaved the horns off the roof and relocated, replaced the roof lights and added sleeper lights with beautiful billet bases and glass watermelon lights, as well as changing out the short bent exhaust with some 7" stovepipe exhausts. As you can see, the 10" flat visor is the cherry on top to bring this truck up to our high standards.

Las Vegas Heavy Haul

Stage one is finally complete! Truck 12 is heading out to provide our wonderful customers with an amazing and stylish service.


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