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Transporting the Formula 1 Track: Flat Out Services Leads the Way from Grand Prix Las Vegas

Flat Out Services transports Formula 1 track from Grand Prix Las Vegas

Flat Out Services, a Las Vegas-based trucking company, recently completed a challenging transportation project involving the Formula 1 track used at the Grand Prix Las Vegas. The company was tasked with dismantling and relocating the 3.2-mile race track to a new location, all while ensuring its safety and integrity during transport.

The project began with the disassembly of the track, which consisted of over 5,000 sets of tires, 1,500 concrete blocks, and 27 miles of fencing. The Flat Out Services team meticulously labeled and organized each component to ensure efficient reassembly at the new location.

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The logistical challenges of the project were significant. The team was required to transport the track over 400 miles, navigating narrow bridges and winding mountain roads along the way. Additionally, the transportation schedule was constrained by the race schedule, requiring the team to complete the project within a tight time frame.

Flat Out Services rose to the challenge, utilizing their fleet of specialized flatbed trucks to safely transport all components of the Formula 1 track. The team worked closely with state and local transportation authorities to obtain required permits and coordinate safe driving routes.

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Upon arriving at the new location, the Flat Out Services team worked tirelessly to reassemble the track, utilizing their expertise in track construction to ensure the integrity and safety of the racing surface.

The successful completion of this project has firmly established Flat Out Services as a leader in the transportation of large-scale race track components. The company's dedication to safety and efficiency, coupled with their experienced team of professionals, has earned them the trust of clients in the racing industry and beyond.

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In the world of motorsports, every second counts.

Thanks to Flat Out Services, the Grand Prix Las Vegas can continue to provide thrilling races to fans both in Las Vegas and at the new location of the relocated track.

If you are in need of a Las Vegas Trucking Company, call on Flat Out Services: our professional dispatchers are standing by. Flat Out Services will provide you with trouble-free, heavy haul equipment transport, step deck and flatbed delivery, plus nationwide, long haul and oversize load trucking services. We take pride in offering you personal customer service, along with our company’s commitment to make the process of moving your loads as straight-forward and simple as possible. 


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