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Transporting an Oversized Load from Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ

Having an oversized load in Texas going to Arizona can be a daunting task. Well, last week Flat Out Services got the call from a well known airline to assist in moving a multiple truck load to move a valuable flight simulator from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Texas To Arizona Oversize Load

The load we are going to highlight in this story was one of the main and largest piece of the flight simulator. The airline used a complex 4 post lift to raise the 14' wide load up into the air. The Flat Out Services professional driver backed one of our removable gooseneck trailers underneath the load in question in order to load it securely.

Once the simulator was lowered onto our trailer we were able to chain it down and start the process of hauling the oversize load from Texas to Arizona.

Oversize load on RGN

The almost 1,000 mile load, even at 14' wide, was accomplished in a day an a half. The airline got their simulator ahead of schedule and was able to get the pilots required training sooner then expected.

Call Flat Out Services for your cross country oversize load needs today at 844-778-7825.


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