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Power Only Trucking | Power Only Carrier Services

One of the most overlooked elements in trucking is power-only transport — a trend adopted to address the problem for haulers and shippers is power-only carriers and services.


Power-only trucking refers to the process of utilizing a stand-alone truck to come in and help haul the trailer you need to transport. More cost-effective than maintaining a driver, truck and motor carrier license, power-only load options work well for trailers you:

  • Own after purchasing.

  • Want to return after a breakdown.

  • Move frequently.

  • Use for carry operations such as hosting modifications, promotions exhibits, and work site equipment storage.

With Flat Out Services trucks, you can extend the efficiency of your operation and increase your existing assets.



For some scenarios, you need to have a trailer with you at all times, but when running a semi-truck is neither cost-effective nor necessary, power-only might be the only option to make your operations run smoothly. With pay-per-mile power-only trucking, you will gain access to:

  • Stand-alone semi trucks with the capability to haul any type of trailer, fifth wheel, bumper pull, gooseneck and more.

  • Cost and time savings by not hiring a driver, acquiring a vehicle or maintaining a truck.

  • Standard cost per mile for any power-only transport distances longer than 500 miles.

  • Countrywide accessibility.

  • Strict schedule adherence and detailed records when transporting between drop-off and pickup locations.


If you own a trailer, you need a semi-truck and expertise for successful transport. At Flat Out Services, we offer power-only trucking management services. For simple communication, each of your requests will receive the attention of a skilled logistics agent who handles every step of your order and answers your questions. Your load specialist has several duties throughout preparation and transport, including:

  • Gathering details including trailer dimension, weight and other information.

  • Calculating the distance between the ZIP codes for pickup and delivery.

  • Offering a free quote for the requested services.

  • Choosing a compatible truck.

  • Planning the ideal route between points.

  • Filing paperwork and applying for permits.

  • Updating your company during transport.

  • Using problem-solving skills to resolve issues.

  • Confirming that your trailer gets delivered on time.

Setting Industry Standards for Power Only Carriers

At Flat Out Services, we dedicate our team to creating industry standards for responsive, reliable transport solutions. Our strengths make us stand out, but we believe that everyone should have access to quality power-only trucking services. We're confident we'll pull ahead even when our unique practices become the norm.

We're building a service based solution that our competitors look up to, contact Flat Out Services to discuss your power only trucking needs.


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