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Over Dimensional Freight Shipping Best Practices and Considerations

Oversized truck loads are challenging to ship. When shipping a wide load, you must take the proper precautions and preparations. If not, you risk losing oversized shipments or overpaying.

Shipping massive items such as military equipment, vehicles, construction machines, agricultural machinery, etc. is complicated. These large and heavy items often exceed the standard height, weight, and dimensional guidelines for regular cargo.

Although it may seem like you’re courting disaster if you must ship over-dimensional cargo, incident-free and in-budget oversized freight shipping are possible. Keep reading to learn the best way to ship heavy items from the shipping experts at Flat Out Services.

What Is Oversized Load?

An oversized load is a load that exceeds at least one standard legal size criterion for each state or province the load will transverse. Ultimately, it depends on the jurisdiction. But a general rule of thumb that the load is too large is if it exceeds the following parameters:

  • 53’ long

  • 8’6” wide

  • 13’6” - 14' tall depending on the state.

  • 80,000lbs and above gross weight

Height limits tend to vary for the western United States jurisdictions and Canadian provinces. The exception to this rule is British Columbia, with a height parameter of 14’. Generally speaking, everything east of the Mississippi river limits cargo to 13’6” in height. When hauling oversize loads, you may need a step deck for adequate oversize transportation.

Consider What Your Commodity Is

You need to know the exact dimensions down to every square inch when shipping oversized truck loads. Tiny discrepancies can negatively affect your schedule and budget.

Before shipping a large freight commodity, document your shipment’s dimensions and consult with a professional transportation provider. You’ll also want to document the entire load description and handling instructions for safety purposes.

Be Thorough with the Planning

Don’t wait to start planning a wide load shipment. The sooner you get started planning your route and schedule, the better for your sanity and budget. Last-minute shipments are often charged higher rates. In addition, you may find your shipment exceeds legal parameters to such an extent that you’ll need an escort shipping service which requires advanced notice.

Use a Professional Transport Provider

There is a stark difference between a truck driver and a professional operator. Oversize loads are challenging and leave almost no room for error. A lot of people make the mistake of simply looking for the cheapest quote, however, the heavy haul industry is generally comprised of professional operators that take great pride in their skill. A skill that generally doesn't come cheap....


We can’t overstate the importance of planning and taking meticulous calculations and measurements when planning to ship a wide load. Weather problems and continuously changing legal parameters can drastically affect how and when you can ship over dimensional cargo.

The best way to ship a big item is to use the services of an experienced oversized freight shipping company. We’ll walk you through the entire process and execution of shipping large freight. From the measurements to the route and seasonal weather conditions, Flat Out Services is your partner for efficient and problem-free freight shipping.

Contact Flat Out Services for your quote for over dimensional shipping.


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