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Las Vegas Trucking Company Hauls Hotel from Vegas to Arizona

You've seen all kinds of things on, or in semi trucks. In fact, 98% of the items around you on a daily basis was brought to you on a semi truck....

But what if I told you, the room that you were sitting in, was also delivered on a semi truck

Las Vegas Trucking Company Transports Modular Hotel from Las Vegas to Topock, AZ

Let me introduce you to Xtreme Manufacturing, moreover Xtreme Cubes...this project has been a long time in the making, and in March 2023 it finally came the fruition. The Topock 66 is a very popular boating destination on the Colorado River, and is now the new home to Xtreme Manufacturings latest project. A 46 piece modular hotel spanning 4 stories high, delivered piece by piece and assembled on site by Las Vegas Heavy Haul company Flat Out Services.

This is how your new Topock 66 hotel room began its life, at the Xtreme Manufacturing facility in Henderson, NV meticulously wrapped to protect it from the 142 mile transit.

Xtreme Cube Topock Hotel Room

For this project we used a combination of our 53' Step Decks, 53' Low Profile Step Decks, and Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers. Being able to utilize our fleet of trailers to effectively for this oversize super load transportation was not only personally satisfying, but also assisted the job in being completed in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Las Vegas Heavy Haul

Las Vegas to Arizona Oversize Load Transportation

Once loaded in Henderson NV, these 15'5" wide loads required both a lead and chase pilot car escort. A pilot car is an additional vehicle that leads and/or follows an oversized load of certain dimensions to assist the driver with additional visibility as well as safety to the motoring public around us.

Las Vegas Super Load Transportation

The loads were transported south out of Henderson NV across the Hoover Dam and into Kingman AZ, after traveling down Historic Route 66 we merged onto the I40 for the remainder of our trip ending in Topock AZ along the beautiful Colorado River.

Las Vegas Trucking Company Oversize Load

This is "ground zero" for the project as it started just 11 short days before a fully functioning hotel stood above it.

Topock 66 Hotel

Dielco Crane, another staple company in the Las Vegas Heavy Haul community assisted the project by unloading the Las Vegas trucking company trucks and setting the modular hotel rooms in place to create the final Topock 66 Hotel.

Las Vegas Equipment Transport

After day 1 we had almost completed the first level of beautiful hotel rooms with a Colorado River View.

Topock 66 Hotel

Topock 66 Hotel - Modular Hotel Transported Room by Room on Semi Trucks

As the project concluded, Flat Out Services was honored to be selected as the Las Vegas Trucking Company to transport these difficult and sensitive oversize loads.

To see the final result of the project, you'll have to visit!

Las Vegas Equipment Transport


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