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Las Vegas Equipment Transport Company: Removable Gooseneck Trailer - Equipment Spotlight

Las Vegas Heavy Haul

Flat Out Services is a Las Vegas Equipment Transport company with a hometown feel but a national reach. We have shown you previously our 53' Step Deck with Ramps trailers. However, our Las Vegas Heavy Haul division utilizes a much more specialty trailer. Flat Out Services utilizes a fleet of removable gooseneck trailers (RGN) which is a lowboy style trailer with 18 - 22" loaded deck height, allowing loads up to 12'6" tall to be loaded without any overweight permit. Our Las Vegas Equipment Transport trailers range from 2 axle to 4 axle setups, the 2 axle trailers can accommodate equipment up to 60,000lbs.

Las Vegas Lowboy Service

State to State Heavy Haul

Even though we are very proud to be a Las Vegas Heavy Haul Company, our reach is far and wide. Our tractor trailers travel far and wide to delivery your critical needs from coast to coast. out trailers are meticulously maintained to ensure a trouble free oversize load transportation.

Las Vegas Heavy Haul at Convention Center

Flat Out Services is a premiere equipment transport company specializing in overweight or over dimensional loads. We transport equipment and machinery in and around Las Vegas, Nevada on a regular basis, including Henderson and North Las Vegas. Our drivers are trained in logistics and knowledgeable of the area and all of its traffic quirks. From the regular traffic snarls on I-15 to the numerous construction backups on the Beltway, we know how to travel through the area with the least hassle and cost possible.

Flat Out Services is pleased to serve your Las Vegas Equipment Transport needs. However, if you're equipment needs to go a little further...Ask Flat Out Services to transport your machinery between Las Vegas, NV and any state in the nation!


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