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How To Haul a Warehouse Order Picker Forklift

Las Vegas Equipment Hauling Company Shipping Warehouse Order Picker

With warehousing becoming more and more popular in Las Vegas, NV. We are experiencing a growth in warehousing equipment requests to be transported in and out of our local Las Vegas market. However, a warehouse order picker style forklift poses an extremely unique transportation challenge.

Although the order picker is relatively short, and light...the mast ofter reaches over 11' tall. With the majority of step deck trailers and landoll style trailers, this load will be over height. For this reason the order picker forklift with a mast heigh of 11' or more must be transported on a lowboy or removable gooseneck trailer.

How To transport a warehouse forklift

Transporting A Warehouse Forklift

Now that we have learned the correct type of trailer to use to transport a high mast forklift, we run into our next issue with the safe transportation of this equipment...the ground clearance.

Lowboy and Removable gooseneck trailers are great for their ability to safely transport tall equipment, however they lay on the ground to load, therefor the warehouse forklifts extremely low ground clearance poses the next hurdle to our operation....nomatter, Flat Out Services parters with local tow companies to assist us in "decking" and "undecking" this unique equipment.

Las Vegas Forklift Transport

Las Vegas Forklift Transport

Once our partner has assisted us we are ready to chain down and hit the road!


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