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Heavy Equipment Repossession from Utah

Well, to say "its something new every day" sure fits the bill with this load. We had one of our drivers in Salt Lake City, Utah with a removable gooseneck trailer. The phone rings and it is a nationwide bank, hoping to retrieve a JLG Boom Lift, which is a piece of equipment our West Coast Equipment Transport team hauls regularly, from a finance customer that had stopped paying on the unit and vanished.

One of our most senior drivers agreed to meet a local constable the next morning in the Park City, Utah area and the investigation was on! The constable picked up our driver and the two of them proceeded to drive to various locations that the banks investigators had previously researched. After a couple hours and no luck our professional equipment transporter as well as the local constable were able to trick the owner of the machine into revealing its location.

Rapidly, we moved our beautiful Peterbilt 389 along with its Alpha 80 Removable Gooseneck trailer to a local ski resort where the unit was located.

After our law enforcement parters verified the VIN number of the unit, our Utah Heavy Haul professional utilized his extensive set of universal equipment keys to get the unit running and safely onto our heavy haul trailer.

Now that the unit was safely back in our possession, we were able to quickly and efficiently transport construction equipment back to the banks secure location in San Diego, California. On to the next one!

Heavy Equipment Repossession


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