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  • Nevada Equipment Transport

Do you need to hire a Heavy Haul Service?

Flat Out Services is proud to offer Removable Gooseneck and Lowboy Trailers directly to our customers! No need to call a transport broker who has likely never even touched an oversized loads with their own hands, communicate directly with our team of professional to meet your transport needs today.

Many styles of heavy machinery are drivable, but unlawful highway driving. Mining equipment, agricultural and farm machinery, off-road trucks, and construction equipment can all utilize RGN trailer transport. Whether it’s a vehicle that uses a track, such as a drill, mining shovel, or dozer, or it’s a wheel loader or wheel excavator, RGN transport can effectively transport it safely.

Flat Out Services commonly uses its RGN fleet to transport the following machinery:

  • Articulated Trucks

  • Backhoes

  • Buses / Cranes

  • Combine Harvesters

  • Excavators

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Longwall Mining Machinery

  • Pavers

  • Boats

  • Tractors

  • Off-Highway Trucks

  • Wheel Loaders

RGN shipping equipment consists of three main elements, a gooseneck that connects the trailer to the truck cab, a drop deck, and a step back up over the rear axles of the trailer. The well created by the drop deck allows for taller equipment to meet the rules and regulations associated with heavy equipment transport, as it holds machinery lower to the ground so that they don’t exceed maximum height restrictions.

A fleet that offers Removable Gooseneck Trailers as part of its offering boasts the following benefits.

Ability to Transport Over Dimensional and Overweight Loads

RGN trailers are one of the best ways to transport very large and heavy loads. Our fleet of equipment transport trailers offer a great deal more versatility to transport odd size, shape, or weight loads.


An RGN/lowboy trailer is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. RGN trailers are capable of transporting construction equipment as well as military vehicles.

Additional Height Clearance

When shipping a load that is over height on a step deck trailer, many states will not issue an over height permit as the same load placed on a lowboy or RGN trailer. Flat Out Services offers a fleet of trailers that will allow us to transport your shipment in accordance with state regulations.

Easily Detachable

A removable gooseneck trailer can be easily detached from the truck for loading and unloading so that you don’t have to worry about the trailer getting in the way especially when you load large powered machinery.


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