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53' Step Deck Trailer with Ramps: Equipment Spotlight

You’ve probably seen hundreds of semis with flatbed or step deck trailers over the years and not thought much about the difference. Maybe you didn’t even know there was such a thing as a step deck trailer at all. When hauling large items, there are certain advantages to utilizing a step deck, also known as a drop deck or lowboy trailer. Let’s examine the facts about step deck trailers, the difference between them and flatbeds, and why you may want to use one in the future.

Step Deck Trailer Definition

A step deck trailer is designed to carry cargo that is too tall to go on a flatbed truck. A step deck truck can help you haul loads without having to obtain special permits for exceeding the legal height limit. These trailers have a lower and upper deck, hence the use of the term “step” in the name. This also makes it much easier to load and unload equipment, especially with a forklift.

There are different types of step deck trailers, such as fixed-neck, gooseneck, or removable gooseneck, which you can use depending on your needs for loading and unloading. A fixed-neck trailer has limited options, whereas a removable gooseneck can be loaded either on the front or back of the trailer. How tall is a step deck trailer? These trailers typically have a lower deck height of 3 feet 6 inches.

Las Vegas Trucking Company

Adding Ramps to a Step Deck Trailer

Another common accessory added to the step deck trailer that Flat Out Services uses is a ramp kit. This ramp kit allows us to load and transport your construction equipment in the field when the use of a loading dock is not available. The ramps boast a 23,500lbs capacity per axle of the equipment being loaded which assists us in being your chosen Las Vegas Heavy Haul Provider


If you’re in need of some extra versatility due to the sheer size of the freight you need to ship, you should look into step deck trailers. If you’re looking for a hauling freight shipping company that can provide you with excellent step deck trailers for your transportation needs, look no further than Flat Out Services. Get a free freight transportation quote, and we’d be happy to serve your needs!


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